Bangla Bijuli

We manufacture a wide range of energy-efficient electrical and power backup products. These are as follows:

  • Power and Distribution Transformer(oil cooled) up to 33KV class.
  • Distribution Transformer (Cast Resin &VPI) dry type up to 11KV class.
  • Furnace Transformer(Oil cooled) up to 11KV.
  • Lighting Transformer(Oil and Dry type) up to 11KV.
  • Mining Transformer(Dry type) up to 6.6KV.
  • Isolation Transformer(Oil and Dry type) as per the specification of customer.

Automatic Voltage Regulators
  • Motor Starting Auto Transformer with step control.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator-LT Servo controlled on DG S & D Rate contract.
  • Servo Control LT AVR (Industrial type with Carbon Roller and chain sprocket drive mechanism).
  • HT AVR Step less Servo controlled.
  • HT AVR Step Control Type with OLTC.
Rectifiers/ Industrial Battery Chargers
  • Electro -Plating Rectifier.
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Rectifier.
  • Phase Controlled AC-DC Converter.
  • High Voltage Rectifier.
  • Industrial Battery Chargers.

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and we endeavor to deliver high quality range of products through appropriate quality checks at every stage of the manufacturing process. Our trained and dedicated team of quality professionals ensures that we manufacture in strict adherence to the quality requirements of our customers.


We adhere to the following standards:

(a) Type & Routine Test (ref std: IS 2026/1977).
(b) Routine Test as per IS 2026-1977, IEC-60076.
(c) BEE Standard for Star Rated Transformer for 3, 4&5 Star label.
(d) Other items as per relevant IS/ IEC specification.

Routine Tests Performed ( Transformers )
  • Measurement of Winding resistance.
  • Measurement of Voltage Ratio & Check of Voltage Vector Relationship.
  • Measurement of Impendence Voltage & Load Loss.
  • Measurement of No Load Loss & Current.
  • Measurement of Insulation Resistance.
  • Dielectric Tests.
  • Tests on On-Load Tap Charger.
  • Test for Magnetic Balance.
  • Measurement of zero Sequence impedance.
  • Induced EMF Test.
  • Temperature Rise Test.
  • Noise level Test.
Type Test
  • Dynamic Short Circuit Test.
  • Lightning Impulse Voltage Withstand Test Done from Govt. recognized Laboratory.
The cardinal cornerstones that have been embedded quintessentially within our production processes and thereby our products are:
  • Continual improvement and innovation at every stage.
  • Continual engagement with the entire value chain in a collaborative mode.
  • Interaction with the other industrial vendors to keep refining internal quality benchmarks.
  • Participation in various partner forums to keep updating our internal knowledge base.
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