Bangla Bijuli

Bangla Bijuli originated in the year 1975 at Kolkata, as a spark, ignited by an imagination. The spark continues unabated, augmented by the enthusiastic participation of a vigorous blend of youthful vitality and mature experience. A three decade endeavor has seen many a churn in its internal business processes, in keeping with the shifting demand profiles, the technical changes as also the changes in production. It was the dedicated persistence of the technical team and the assiduous mission of fulfilling the objective to be abreast with quality, and therefore partner satisfaction, that has made Bangla Bijuli a venerable brand in the production of Distribution Transformers & Alternate Voltage Regulators.

With our quality conscious approach we are continuously offering international quality products that are manufactured as per the electrical industry standards. We manufacture electric transformer, electric power control panel, power control panel and power backup products.

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